Mom Deserves the Best: 20% Off for Día de la Madre

Apothecary Guild Suspended Reed Diffusers

Apothecary Guild Suspended Reed Diffusers

Mama se merece lo mejor. Aprovecha los descuentos de hasta el 20% en tu compra del día de las madres.

Tomorrow, Nicaragua celebrates Día de la Madre, or Mother's Day. In honor of mom, Caducus Folium+ Nicaragua Design Center offers 20% off beautiful gifts, luxury furnishings, and designer accessories. 

May 30 was chosen by President Anastasio Somoza García in the 1940s. The day is the birthday of his wife's mother. While many countries, such as Honduras, Ecuador, and the U.S.A., celebrate Mother's Day on the second Sunday of May, Nicaragua is not the only country to honor mom on a different day. Costa Rica celebrates Mother's Day on August 15, the Assumption of Mary.


Whenever you celebrate, Caducus Folium+ honors mothers around the world.